Basically Lat Met Ltd. is a company manufacturing wrought iron and other practical decorative metal products. The company was founded in 1996 as a family enterprise. Already shortly after starting the business, the company discovered its niche in the market by specializing in the manufacture of decorative metal products.
Currently the biggest part of manufactured products consists of wrought iron products - gates, railing, door handles and hinges, etc. Furthermore, on request the company produces also trade stands, plastic and metal advertising signboards, tin components for roofs and ventilation systems and other non-standard metal products. The manufactured goods are exported to Norway and EU countries.
In the market of Latvia the company is engaged in trade of fencing, wrought iron products, sectional garage doors and automatic gate openers, as well as providing all the necessary service for these products. The manufacturing process in the company is organised so that the company can quickly adapt to production of different metal products. Depending on the customer’s wishes, the products can be 100% handmade or produced by modern equipment.
If you are interested in our manufactured products or you want to make an order, please, contact us.
Metal products
Swing, sliding gates.
Metal fencing, railing, staircase.
Parts of gates and railings
This section reflects the complementary parts of gates and railings.
Most of the products shown in this section are available at Lat Met Ltd. stock.Fences in rolls, panel fencing.
Fences in rolls, panel fencing.
Gates with fencing nets, agricultural fences.
Tin and roofing products
Metal roof and wall coatings, tinplate sheets and coils.
Gutter systems.
Sectional garage doors
For private houses
and industrial objects.
Automatic gate openers
For swing and sliding gates. Sectional garage doors.
Automatic barriers.
Advertising signs -
Light boxes, channel letters, pole signs,
pylons, indoor signage.
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